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The Club shall be called Dunshaughlin Youths Football Club (hereinafter referred to as the Club) and it shall seek affiliation to and be bound by the rules of the Football Association of Ireland, the North Dublin Schoolboys And Schoolgirls League and other leagues where applicable.


(i) The Mission Statement of Dunshaughlin Youths Football Club is to provide association football in a friendly, equitable and competitive environment for the children of Dunshaughlin and all surrounding areas.

(ii) The Club is committed to encouraging the highest ethical standards. All individuals involved in the Club should conduct themselves with integrity, transparency, accountability and in a fair and equitable manner. All members will be answerable to the committee for their behaviour on and off the field when they are representing Dunshaughlin Youths Football Club.


(i) The Club shall have the status of an Affiliated Member Club of The Football Association of Ireland.

(ii) The Club will abide by The Football Association of Ireland’s Child Protection Policies and Procedures, Codes of Conduct and the Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Policy.


(i) The membership shall consist of the following categories: Juvenile Players; Adult Players; Parents of Juvenile Players; Non-playing Members. All members will be asked to adhere to the club’s code of conduct. Only members over 18 years of age will have voting rights at an AGM or EGM.

(ii) Members in each category shall pay Membership fees as fixed by the committee. The Club may also require Members to contribute to the funds of the Club by way of a special levy at the Club Committee’s discretion.

(iii) All members joining the Club shall be deemed to accept the terms of this Constitution and any Bye-laws from time to time adopted by the Club. They will also be required to conduct themselves in accordance with the Club’s ethical framework and the bye-laws as to discipline set out therein.

(iv) All players must register with the club and pay all membership fees and insurance premiums before they can represent the club. Parents of present or past juvenile players will automatically be elected members of the club once the player has been registered in accordance with these rules. Any non-players seeking to join the Club shall submit an application in writing to the Club Committee.

(v) Members shall be admitted by the Club Committee. Membership is open to all and no application for membership will be refused on other than reasonable grounds. There will be no discrimination on grounds of race, occupation or gender.

(vi) The Secretary shall keep a Membership Register. In the event of a member’s resignation or expulsion, his or her name shall be removed from the Membership Register.


(i) The Club Committee shall consist of the following Club Officers: Honorary President, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Club Secretary, Small Sided Game Secretary, P.R.O. and Child Welfare officer, and up to 5 other members to be elected at an Annual General Meeting. The Officers of the Club who shall be honorary (non-paid) shall be the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Small Sided Game Secretary and Child Welfare Officer. All Committee members must be members of the Club. The Chairperson must have served on the committee in the previous year and must have served on committee for a minimum of two years. From the date of adoption of this new constitution no chairman can serve for more than three years in office.

(ii) Committee Members shall hold office from the date of appointment until the next Annual General Meeting unless otherwise resolved at a Special General Meeting. One person may hold no more than two positions of Club Officer at any time unless otherwise agreed by the Committee.

(iii) The Club Committee shall be responsible for the management of all the affairs of the Club.

(iv) Decisions of the Club Committee shall be made by a simple majority of those attending the Club Committee meeting. The Chairperson of the Club Committee meeting shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie.

(v) Meetings of the Club Committee shall be chaired by the Chairperson or in their absence the Vice-Chairperson.

(vi) The quorum for the transaction of business of the Club Committee shall be five.

(vii) Decisions of the Club Committee of meetings shall be entered into the Minute Book of the Club to be maintained by the Club Secretary.

(viii) Any member of the Club Committee may call a meeting of the Club Committee by giving not less than 7 days notice to all members of the Club Committee. The Club Committee shall hold not less than six meetings a year.

(ix) An outgoing member of the Club Committee may be re-elected. Any vacancy on the Club Committee which arises between Annual General Meetings shall be filled by a member proposed by one and seconded by another of the remaining Club Committee members and approved by a simple majority of the remaining Club Committee members.

(x) The Club Committee shall have the power to decide all questions and disputes arising in respect of any issue concerning the Club Rules.

(xi) The Club Committee shall have the power to elect Sub-Committees from within the membership as it sees fit. Only fully paid-up members may sit on a Sub-Committee and all Sub-Committees will be answerable to the Club Committee. Each Sub-Committee must be chaired by a member of the Club Committee.


(i) The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting in the month of September to:

  • – Approve the minutes of the previous year’s AGM.
  • – Receive reports from the Chairperson and Secretary.
  • – Receive a report from the Treasurer and approve the Annual Accounts.
  • – Elect the Club Committee.
  • – Consider changes to the Constitution.
  • – Review and consider any Bye-laws.
  • – Deal with other relevant business.


(ii) Nominations for election of members as Club Officers shall be made in writing by the proposer and seconder, both of whom must be existing members of the Club, to the Club Secretary not less than 14 days before the AGM. Notice of any resolution to be proposed at the AGM shall be given in writing to the Club Secretary not less than 14 days before the Meeting.

(iii) A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called at any time by the majority of the Committee. 30% of the Club Members may also call such a meeting. The meeting must take place within 21 days of the Secretary receiving notice of the request. Business at an SGM may be any business that may be transacted at an AGM.

(iv) The Secretary shall send to each member at their last known address written notice of the date of a General Meeting together with the resolutions to be proposed at least 14 days before the Meeting.

(v) The quorum for a General Meeting shall be 30.

(vi) The Chairperson or in their absence a member selected by the Club Committee, shall take the chair. Each member over 18 present shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority. In the event of an equality of votes the Chairperson of the Meeting shall have a casting vote.

(vii) The Club Secretary, or in their absence a member of the Club Committee, shall enter Minutes of General Meetings into the Minute Book of the Club.


(i) The financial year shall run from Sept 1st to Aug 31st each year.

(ii) The Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of Annual Accounts of the Club.

(iii) All cheques drawn against the Club’s funds shall be signed by the Treasurer and one of two other nominated office-bearers.

(iv) All adult members of the Club shall be jointly responsible for the financial liabilities of the Club.


At its first meeting following each AGM, the Club Committee may appoint a Club member to be responsible for each of the Club’s football teams and a Director of Coaching to be responsible for the coaching of all teams. The appointed members shall be responsible for managing the affairs of the team, coaching the team or both. The appointed members shall present to the Club Committee at its last meeting prior to an AGM a written report on the activities of each team. All managers and coaches must fill in an application form and be vetted by the Club Committee before they are appointed. All coaches must be encouraged to pursue the relevant FAI Coaching Badges for their age group.


(i) The Club is a non-profit making organisation. All profits and surpluses will be used to maintain or improve or develop the Club’s facilities or to carry out the objects of the Association to which it is affiliated. No profit or surplus will be distributed other than to another non-profit making body on a winding-up or dissolution of the Club.

(ii) If, upon the winding up or dissolution of the Club there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall be transferred to some other organisation or organisations having objects similar to the objects of the Club, such organisation or organisations to be determined by the members of the Club by Resolution passed at a General meeting or in the absence of such a resolution (or that the extent to which it cannot be given effect) to the Association to which the Club is affiliated.